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Our Hardwoods

Ipe is an exotic hardwood known for its density, durability, and rich, reddish-brown coloration.


responsibly-sourced hardwood

Hardwood with character and richness.

Pronounced “Ee-Pay”, this exotic hardwood has a fine texture, lustrous reddish brown color and is as rich in character as it is dense in mass. Subtle light and dark striping make no two boards exactly alike; brought together in your tailored furnishings and nothing else is quite like it.

exceptionally durable

There's good reason it got the nickname "Ironwood".

incredibly dense

One of the hardest woods on the planet.

insect resistant

No free lunch for bugs.

Our material doesn’t have fillers—it’s 95% pure HDPE—recycled milk jugs in fact. Some other grades of recycled plastic, while suitable for decking applications, can actually absorb moisture leading to mold, rotting and unpleasant odors. The purity of Forever·nu™ helps avoids those issues and subsequent negative guest touchpoints. A few of our larger products utilize HDPE laminate. See each product page for specific details.


Preserving natural resources and precious habitats.

more ipe facts

Slow Air Dried
Slight Checking is Normal
Forgo Annual Staining

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