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Beverage Solutions

Water Cooler Enclosures


Water Cooler Enclosures, tailored by you for a five-star experience

Small Water Cooler
with Waste Bin and Side Cup Dispenser
Medium Water Cooler
with Waste Bin and Cup Dispenser
Large Water Cooler
Dual Water Coolers with Waste Bins and Cup Dispenser
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Determine Your Needs

Coordinate with Your Property

Post Mount Solutions
Round or Square
La Playa Collection
Dark Gray Trim, White Panels (Flat Roof)
Great Lakes Collection
White Trim with Tan Panels (Gable Roof)
Keystone Collection
Dark Brown Trim with Green Panels (Hip Roof)
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Branded Solution
Engraved Logo
Unique Roof
A designer roof for coordinated aesthetics and plaque logo
Eye-catching design
Clean Navy panels with Engraved Logo
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Dream It, So We Can Build It

Additional Options

roof styles

water cooler hip roof
water cooler designer roof

May be subject to increased lead times.

Add Branding

Engraved Logo Option
Laser Cut Logo Option
Laser Cut Metal
inlay logo option
Recycled Plastic Plaque Logo Option
Overlay Plaque
Cast Metal bronze Logo Option
Cast Metal
A tasteful logo application will elevate your property’s furnishings and maintain your property’s brand standards.


Door Pulls

Notch Out or Black Door Knob

Lockable Door Option
Cam Lock
Flap Door


Great Lakes Collection
Water Cooler Enclosure with Post | Gable Roof

La Playa Collection
Small Water Cooler & Waste Station | Flat Roof

Great Lakes Collection
Large Water Cooler & Waste Station | Gable Roof

Keystone Collection
Medium Water Cooler & Waste Station | Hip Roof

Color Coordinator

Colors are for illustrative purposes only and may vary based on display screens. Request a Quote with Sample Kit to properly match swatches on-site.

Available Materials
Forever·Nu Lumber
Forever·Nu Panels, Ipe Trim
All Ipe
Forever·nu™ lumber
ipe hardwood
Available Collections
Keystone Collection
Great Lakes Collection
La Playa Collection

Water Cooler Enclosures and Water Storage Solutions from Prestwick Limited provide convenient hydration for your guests. Designed to maximize staff  efficiency and meet your guests’ hydration needs. Built to withstand the elements and coordinated to match your motiff.

Ready to be Cooler than the rest?

Does your facility have unique hydration needs for your guests? We’re here to help. At Prestwick Limited, our Water Cooler enclosures can be customized to your exact needs and specifications. Reach out today for a quote of your own!

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