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Our Story

Serving hospitality professionals with the same level of care given to guests by fostering the growth of experiences through coordinated furnishings.


Hospitality is as much an experience as it is a service and we see our role in a similar light. We believe tailored furnishings can transform a space and contribute to the experience you’re working to create, day in and day out.

Coordinate your property

Let us easily show you how you can maximize the guest experience.

Our History

Starting with a vision over 25 years ago, growing to become a worldwide manufacturer.

Matt Morse founded what would become The Prestwick Group in 1997. After learning about recycled plastic lumber while out on the golf course, the more he realized it was ideal for outdoor furnishings on a golf course. It was the novel material that would prove to be the seed for a company he would grow to be a worldwide manufacturer.

The Great Lakes Era

Passion, drive and possibilities were fuel for the startup, then named Great Lakes Golf Course Products. Primarily making small, on-course accessories, Morse knew that was just the start. He began envisioning a wider breadth of coordinating property furnishings, pioneering a new space the company would come to define in the golf world. The team manufactured and sold direct out of facilities smaller than 1000 sq. ft. in Nashotah, Wisconsin for a short while and later North Prairie. We made local deliveries from time to time, always with a smile (as well as a set of golf clubs) and still do today.

Having sold to countless non-golf businesses and institutions, it became apparent that other markets presented genuine opportunities for growth and diversification. In 2000, Great Lakes Specialty Products was created to serve Corporate, Park & Recreation, Education, Government and Foodservice markets. This division was later rebranded as Max-R, highlighting its use of maximum recycled content material and its focus on customized recycling bins.

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Emergence of Prestwick

Upon moving operations to Oconomowoc, WI, Great Lakes Golf Course Products legally became Prestwick Golf Group in 2007. By this time, we had worked with a majority of the top courses in the country and had gained a good deal of experience serving the hospitality industry in addition to the core golf market. By natural extension, Prestwick Limited was born as the sister brand to the golf division and the company’s gateway to the hospitality market.

In the Fall of 2009, Prestwick’s operations were relocated to Sussex, WI. Here a “lean” culture truly took hold, centered around adding value and economy of movement.

From 2017 to 2018, Prestwick was joined by Sister Bay Furniture Co and Stirling Furnishings to help bolster the outdoor furniture and high-end furnishings of its other brands, respectively. Sister Bay Furniture in particular was able to partner with Prestwick Limited to strengthen its presence in the hospitality industry and create an even greater experience for the guests of our customers.

Growth and Future

In 2021, Sister Bay Furniture opened its first retail store located within the Prestwick campus, which includes a newly-expanded 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and shipping facility as well as ample office space and amenities for all of its additional employees.

Sadly, Matt Morse passed away in early 2022, but left behind a strong family legacy that continues to make its mark across several industries and partners with some of the best and prolific brands in the world.

What began with a simple golf course marker, grew to become a portfolio of brands, known as The Prestwick Group. The company has since shipped over $250 million in manufactured product to 65 countries and counting. Now that The Prestwick Companies have established themselves as the leader of customized outdoor site furnishings, its new goal is to be the premier manufacturer of recycled plastic furniture worldwide. The Prestwick Companies is driven by success and employee satisfaction through their contributions to achieving our goals.

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Our Materials

Building quality, tailored furnishings requires the best materials as well as a commitment to continual improvement in process and construction.

We use the purest grade of recycled plastic, Forever·nu™ Lumber, as well as Grade A Ipe hardwood in our furnishings. With our selection of Inspire Waste & Recycling Bins, we also offer a variety of premium finishes and laminates to further enhance your guest experience worthy of your brand.

Forever·nu lumber

Smooth Grain
Wood Grain

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our mission

Ensuring sustainability for generations to come.

Each purchase made from Forever·nu Lumber™ contributes to our goal of diverting plastic from landfills and waterways. Since 1997, Prestwick has diverted the equivalent of 250 million milk jugs.