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A Bin’s Unbelievable Adventure. Surviving Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian devastated the South Seas Island Resort in Southwest Florida, causing a near total loss to their property. In the aftermath of the destruction, a remarkable story emerged showcasing the durability of Prestwick Limited’s products.

Following the hurricane, the South Seas Island Resort faced the arduous task of assessing the damage and salvaging what remained. Of the various products previously purchased from Prestwick Limited, which included around 60 waste and recycle bins, 20 bins remained intact after the storm. The rest were either destroyed or swept away from the island.

While the renovation still continues today, an interesting email arrived weeks later as power and services came back online. The message came from a resident in Naples about an hour south of Sanibel Island doing cleanup on the beach. It read, “We found one of your trash cans.”

South Seas Island Resort Waste & Recycle bin washed up in Naples
South Seas bin after its journey from Sanibel Island to Naples via Hurricane Ian

The bin’s unbelievable adventure was nothing short of remarkable. Despite being ripped from the island and enduring a multi-day voyage in the Gulf of Mexico, carried along by unpredictable currents, the premium waste bin washed up on a beach 35 miles away. Aside from some seaweed and sand, it still stood virtually unscathed. The sturdy construction techniques and premium materials survived a Category 5 hurricane and days in salt water.

We remain responsive to the needs of the South Seas Island Resort while they continue their journey toward rebuilding and renewal. Knowing our products share in shaping their world-class guest experience, this story will remain a testament to the quality and durability Prestwick Limited builds into every product we produce.

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