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A-Frame & Easel Signs

Custom HDPE A-Frame & Easel signs welcome guests and present important information quickly. Perfect for weddings, conferences or events with high traffic. Our recycled plastic signs can be customized to match your needs and aesthetics. Available in multiple sizes, colors and trim styles to adhere to your brand stands. Prestwick Limited A-Frames and Easel Signs are virtually maintenance free and built to last in any environment. Match to furnishings such as waste & recycling bins, beverage stations or podiums to create a warm, welcoming experience.



Customize your sign

Choose Your Frame Style

Easel or A-Frame Style
Easel or A-Frame Style

frame construction

Sign Collections | Great Lakes, Keystone
Collections · Great Lakes, Keystone

frame design

find the best size

Keystone Signs - Sizes
Choose between 24", 36", or 48" for the best sign height.

choose the sign contents

Keystone A-Frame Sign with 18" Clock

18" clock

Great Lakes Easel Sign Custom Message

custom message

determine the coloration

available panel colors

hardwood trim options

let's create the perfect sign!

Let's work together to create a sign that will inform guests how to navigate your property as well as display important information.

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