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As a company, Prestwick Limited is dedicated towards ensuring a healthy environment for generations to come.

Our Mission

Let's Achieve a Momentous Goal Together

1 Billion Milk Jugs

Saved by 2030

We take pride in the fact that our bins and furnishings are all made from post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs. The simple act of recycling a milk jug not only prevents it from ending up in a landfill or the ocean, it adds to an extraordinary journey—allowing others to join a common goal of saving the planet.

Setting the Gold Standard

For 25 years, we have worked with some of the best brands in the world, contributing to their sustainability goals. Now we have set the bar even higher. By doing our part to help the planet by manufacturing bins made with Forever·nu™ Lumber, diverting plastics from landfills and oceans. With your help, we are on our way towards saving one billion milk jugs by 2030.

Forever·nu™ Lumber
100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

sustainable practies

Doing Our Part

Closing the loop

Because the purity of Forever·nu Lumber allows it to be recycled again and again, our manufacturing team purposefully collects all scrap material to be repurposed for future products.

Green-Circle Certified

Products built with Forever·nu Lumber™ are made of 95% pure post-consumer HDPE and may contribute to LEED® goals under MR 4.1 and MR 4.2.

Locally Sourced

60% of our raw materials are sourced from within a 200-mile radius of our facility in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Protect Resources

To promote sustainable forest management, SFI Certified paper is used in our office for order processing and administration purposes.