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Metro Shelving Unit

Metro Shelving Unit

Holds an average of 240 folded towels!

The Metro Shelving Unit is our solution for high-volume towel supply. It houses your existing Metro Shelf, allowing you to fold and prep towels in the back of house and roll them out when you’re ready. Shelving Unit not available for purchase through Prestwick Limited.

Available Styles
Keystone Collection
Great Lakes Collection
Available Materials
Forever·Nu Lumber
Forever·Nu Panels, Hardwood Trim

product options

Match Your Roof Style

Customize your roof style to your Towel Solution's location. Select from either Flat, Designer, or Curved.

Curtain Option
Curtain Option

Add a curtain to your Towel Solution to keep towels enclosed, yet still provide easy access for guests.

Add Branding

A tasteful logo application will elevate your property’s furnishings and maintain your property’s brand standards.

Make Each Touchpoint Unforgettable

Create a coordinated look throughout your facility with tailored furnishings you can only get from Prestwick. Tell us more about how you're creating unforgettable guest experiences at your property.

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product specs

Towel Buggy Enclosures
Size Dimensions Interior Clearance
Standard 60"W x 42"D x 92"H 49"W x 32"D x 70"H
Short 57"W x 39"D x 44"H 51"W x 34"D x 35"H
Metro Shelving Units
Size Dimensions Interior Clearance
Standard 60"W x 42"D x 92"H 49"W x 32"D x 70"H

All dimensions are approximate and subject to change. Call 1 (866) 994-0520 for pricing.