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Double Top Load Waste & Recycling Bin

Double Top Load Waste & Recycling Bin

Encourage cleanup efforts from guests with our customizable waste & recycling bins that feel a part of your property. Engineered and built for long-lasting effectiveness, clearly communicate what should be deposited with custom openings, descriptive IDs and symbols. All bins include a rigid interior liner.

Available Styles
Keystone Collection
Great Lakes Collection
La Playa Collection
Available Materials
Forever·Nu Lumber
Forever·Nu Panels, Ipe Trim
All Ipe

product options

Multiple Gallon Capacities
Multiple Gallon Capacities

Available in 10, 22, 26, 32, 38, 45 and 55 gallon capacities.

Innovator Waste & Recycling Bin Roof Options
Roof Styles

Customize your roof style to your waste & recycling bin's location. Select from either Vail, Reverse Vail, Flat, or Curved.

restrictive openings
Restrictive Openings

Restrictive openings allow users to easily identify waste streams and help to prevent cross contamination.

Overlay Symbols for Proper Waste Stream Diversion
Quick Identification

Symbols provide a quick identification of a waste stream and can help identify collection points when language is a barrier.

Overlay Labels
Easy-to-Read Labels

Add easy-to-read labels to your waste bins for users to quickly and easily identify waste streams and prevent cross contamination.

Tray Rack Option
Tray Racks

Add tray racks to any waste & recycling bin for guests to easy tray collection.

Lockable Door
Lockable Door

Add a lockable door to ensure that only those you designate are able to access your liners.

Flap Door Option
Flap Door

Made from our recycled plastic or Ipe Hardwood, the flap door option prevents unwanted critters from entering your bin.

Casters Option
Make it Portable

Add casters to your site furnishings for easy relocation.

Add Branding

A tasteful logo application will elevate your property’s furnishings and maintain your property’s brand standards.

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We value progress over perfection. Whether your needs warrant a small or big step, any step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction! Were here to help. The Prestwick Limited Innovator Bin can be customized to your exact needs an specifications. Reach out today for a quote of your own!

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