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Forever·Nu™ Plastic Lumber

Sustainable, beautiful 95% pure grade recycled lumber made from recycled milk jugs.

color options

fade-resistant aesthetic alternative

16 standard colors, endless possibilities.

Smooth Grain Panel & Trim Options
Wood Grain Panel Options

The look and feel of wood with none of the upkeep. Utilize our new Wood Grain paneling options for an even wider selection of colors to adhere to your brand. May be subject to extended lead times.


Relax, it's easy.


Green looks good on you.

95% purity

We use the purest grade of recycled plastic.

Our material doesn’t have fillers—it’s 95% pure HDPE—recycled milk jugs in fact. Some other grades of recycled plastic, while suitable for decking applications, can actually absorb moisture leading to mold, rotting and unpleasant odors. The purity of Forever·nu™ helps avoids those issues and subsequent negative guest touchpoints. A few of our larger products utilize HDPE laminate. See each product page for specific details.


Durable material with smart design.
how does forever·nu™ lumber
Stack Up?
All Season

Suitable for all climates, stands up to rain, snow, wind, salt spray, and sunlight—leave outdoors all-year.

UV Inhibitors

Added to plastic to prevent fading and keep colors vibrant for decades on end.


Comprised of 95% pure recycled, post-consumer HDPE milk jugs.

Forever·nu vs other materials Wood Aluminum Steel Polystyrene Wicker Wrought Iron Concrete
Long Lasting Durability
Doesn't Absorb Chemicals, Oil, Water
Won't Rot, Corrode, Splinter, Decay
Won't Leach Chemicals Into Environment
Insect Resistant
Resistant to Mold and Mildew
Will Not Harbor Bacteria
Doesn't Require Painting, Sealing, Staining
Can Withstand Outdoors All Year
Variety of Profiles, Colors, Finishes
Made From Recycled Material
Easily Cleaned, Sanitized with Soap & Water

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